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  • accepted suggestion
    Your suggestion has been accepted!
  • blogs
    Issues relating to blog view.
  • bug
    For bug reports.
  • confirmed
    Confirmed issues. Admin use only.
  • core
    Issues relating to the dashboard or elsewhere on the core site.
  • feedback
    For feedback that's not quite a feature request.
  • improvement
    An improvement to an existing feature.
  • information needed
    Need more info.
  • milestone
    For milestones and epic sprints.
  • rejected
    Rejected suggestion :(
  • review
    Possibly fixed, in testing
  • suggestion
    Suggestions and feature requests.
  • themes
    Issues relating to themes.
  • unconfirmed
    Pending confirmation
  • urgent
    Admin use only.
  • workaround
    For workarounds to art theft, DNR, or blocking systems.